· History

Fresh Fish del Ecuador Cia. Ltda. is a fish and seafood processing and packaging plant part of Grupo Buehs Corp, which additionally has an industrial fishing fleet as well as cold storage rooms with a capacity of 12,000 metric tons.

Our modern plant has high-tech cutting and packaging machines to meet the demands of our local and international customers. Rigorous compliance with the cold chain is the priority of our company.

A large percentage of our production is destined for export worldwide.


· Mission

Fresh Fish del Ecuador’s mission is to offer the best seafood products to markets worldwide by adopting sustainable practices that preserve the environment and the future of upcoming generations. Not only we consider wealth as a value for our shareholders but also as the satisfaction of our customers, employees, suppliers and the social segments associated with our business, while maintaining our ethical, moral and clear commitment in each of the activities we perform.

· Vision

Fresh Fish del Ecuador will be a world’s reference for frozen and fresh seafood products, with high quality and presence in the international market.


· Fresh Fish is a brand in expansion  

Fresh Fish is also an established brand in the local market. Our products are delivered to various distribution channels such as:

  • Supermarkets
  • Mini-markets
  • The HORECA Sector (Hotels/Restaurants/Catering)
  • Other retail chains
· International Certifications