El Capitán Seafood Market

Tasting a fish is like tasting the sea. People of Guayaquil have a direct relationship with seafood, as we live in a port city, bathed by estuaries and rivers. Mussels, shrimp, fish and other delicacies are abundant here and can…

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Fresfish del ecuador Mar territorial

The territorial sea and fisheries protection zone

    The Ecuadorian territorial sea has its legal basis in the Santiago Declaration, signed in August 18, 1952, in which Chile, Ecuador and Peru proclaimed in the exercise of their sovereign will, a territorial sea of 200 nautical miles…

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Fisheries in Ecuador

      Shrimp and canned tuna represent the second and third largest total of non-oil exports of Ecuador. The tuna fishing industry of the country is the second largest and most modern of America; and the quality and export…

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