· Business Concept

El Capitan is a seafood market backed by the Fresh Fish del Ecuador, which offers high quality products.
This is a business aimed at providing different types of seafood in various cuts and presentations in a clean and friendly place. The role of the owner of El Captain seafood market is to broaden the customer base, in addition to offer the home delivery service.

· Strategic Partner Profile
  • Capital for investment.
  • Interpersonal relations and client portfolio.
  • Sales management.
  • Marketing and administration knowledge.
  • To have your own store / or rented at a commercial location (shopping centers, bus terminals, near banks, etc).
  • Obtainment of permits and other administrative authorizations.
· Competitive Advantage
  • Retail sales.
  • Demand of the HORECA sector in your area.
  • Opening of new outlets in your area.
  • Home delivery in your area.
  • Corporate sales in your area.
· Benefits provided by the Company
  • Certified Quality products.
  • Variety of species.
  • Training partner and their staff.
  • Agile and timely through the distributor of the province attention.
  • Product delivery to the dealer Pescadería through the province.
  • Freezers and cabinets.
  • Starter Kit (Tables, shirts, flyers etc.).
  • Advertising Support: POP Material, tastings and activations.
· Products offered by the company
  • Products of certified quality.
  • Variety of species.
  • Training for the trading partner and the staff.
  • Efficient and timely assistance through the province supplier.
  • Product delivery to the seafood market by the the province supplier.
  • Freezers and display cabinets.
  • Starter Kit (art, t-shirts, flyers etc.).
  • Advertising Support: POP Material, tastings and brand activation events.
· Our products:
El Capitan pescaderia productos Freshfish del ecuador
· Investment:
  • $1.000 in products.
  • $1.500 to $2.000 in infraestructure.
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· International certifications